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Put your POS System to work for you.

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The Ultimate Up-Selling Tool

Increase product sales 30%* making your POS station the most valuable real-estate for your retail store.

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Add the MerchPirch to any iPad based POS System to up sell 30%* more products

The MerchPirch is designed to increase your sales by 30%* while housing your cash drawer and iPad POS system such as Square, Revel, Shopkeep, Shopify, NCR Silver, etc... and expand your counter top selling potential. The MerchPirch is made up of a modular system to increase your bottom line.

  • Earn More Money

    Don't leave money on the table. The MerchPirch allows you to stock your counter top with your customers favorite items. It will help you sell more at every transaction. Increasing your bottom line every day. Day in and Day out.

  • Reduce Clutter

    Do you have a bunch of miscellaneous cardboard boxes and random display units from different vendors all over your counter around you cash register? Dump that clutter and get organized with the MerchPirch.

  • Expand Your Selling Potential

    Have a lot of counter space? Great! Upgrade your MerchPirch to accommodate a SidePirch on the right and/or the left side and put your MerchPirch to work to sell more products in the same space like you never could before.

  • Secure Your Cash Drawer

    Rest assured day and night knowing that your cash drawer is safely secured to your MerchPirch. Your cash drawer will literally bolt to the BaseStation of the unit and make it very difficult for anyone to run out with it in a hurry.

Fit all your gear on top of the BaseStation

The BaseStation is able to fit either a Square Stand™ or a Revel iPad Stand™. The BaseStation also houses a Star Micronics 37965600 cash drawer and mounts it from underneath making sure that the unit does not drift or move around on the counter. Lastly, the BaseStation is able to hold a Star Micronics TSP143IIU printer, all right on top. The MerchPirch takes all of your devices off the counter top and organizing them. Say goodbye to messy countertops once and for all!

Fully Modular. Make it smaller or make it bigger.

The MerchPirch is a fully modular system. The system is made up of 4 distinct components. The first is the BaseStation which houses the cash drawer and creates the center piece in which all of the other components work with. The second is the FrontPirch which 'pirches' out in front of the customer to offer a front lines selling approach. Third is the UpperPirch which is designed to hold smaller item such as gift cards. Finally is the SidePirch which is able to fit onto either the right or the left side (or both sides) of the unit to really expand your selling potential.

High Quality Grade Construction

To ensure that the MerchPirch lasts many years under the tortures of retail environments and employees that will give it a beating. We designed MerchPirch with a commercial use in mind. The materials we use are heavy duty and can withstand years of abuse all without being overly heavy or toxic to the environment. It is highly washable to make sure it can stay clean after years coffee stains.

View it in Action

See what the MerchPirch looks like installed and what it could look like at your location!

Do More With Less

Get your business working smarter not harder

Make sure you are maximizing every square inch of your retail counter space. Space is money in retail, so make sure you squeeze every dollar out of it that you can.

Expand your selling potential exponentially

More counter space? Great! Upgrade your MerchPirch to accommodate a SidePirch on the right and/or the left side and put your MerchPirch to work.

Earn more from every sale, each and every transaction

'Convenience Purchases' are a multi-million dollar a year business. Make sure you are not leaving any money on the table and increase your ticket size by 14% immidiately. 

Feature a special offering front and center

Have a product that you want to highlight, put it right in front of the customer just before they check out so you make sure they do not miss an opportunity to get it.

Give you customers more of what they want

Keep the products that your customers love right in front of them every time they check out. Make sure that they get something they don't want to go somewhere else for.

Keep customers coming back again & again

Keep your customers coming back by highlighting Gift Cards in the UpperPirch to get them into your loyalty program and ensure they come back to you.

  • Compete in the big leagues

    All of the big players in the industry know this secret. It is time to unlock this highly profitable tactic for all of the mom & pop shops all over the world. 

  • A normal retail counter

    With the MerchPirch you can transform your retail counter space into a beautifully designed and reimagined area for you to sell more and more every transaction.

  • What your counter could be

    The MerchPirch is a beautifully designed merchandiser that will transform your retail counter. Multiple colors and configurations that are beautiful in any retail store.


We have been using it for 3 months now and our product sales have boosted 14% which for us equals $450 extra a month. It was well worth the investment.

We have 3 of the Entrepreneur Packages at our coffee shop and we sold out of our energy bars within the first weekend because of the MerchPirch. Highly recommended it.

Our packaged product sales went up by $600 per month after we installed the Establishment Package at our smoothie store. Unreal sales. This is a must buy for any retail store.

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