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Replacement Components

This is the main unit that makes the whole system work. You need this in order for the FrontPirch, UpperPirch and SidePirch's to work. The BaseStation is able to fit a either a Square Stand™ or a Revel iPad Stand™ (see full compatibility list in o...
This will attach to the front of your BaseStation and "pirch" out to the customer. The FrontPirch is the premiere space to sell your best selling items in. This is the first thing your customers will see when they approach your POS station. With a...
This will attach to the top of your BaseStation and provides a great location to highlight gift cards or other small items. With a plexiglass front items in the UpperPirch do not get lost, but are displayed in great detail. Get more and more custo...
This will attach to the side of your BaseStation and FrontPirch and expand the selling potential horizontally. This FrontPirch is designed with a multilevel concept. The front half is on the ground level and the rear half is boosted up 3.5" to all...