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What the heck is the MerchPirch?

The MerchPirch is a merchandising unit. It's primary purpose is designed to organize and display products such as energy bars, candies, gift cards, etc... It's second purpose  hold an iPad Based POS System (such as a Square Stand™ or a Revel iPad Stand™), a cash drawer and a POS Printer. 

The whole purpose of the system is to clean up messy counter tops and sell more products at checkout. For more detailed questions about the MerchPirch please visit our FAQ Page here.

How did we start?

The founder grew up working in his family's coffee shop. Working in the coffee shop he learned the ins and outs of a retail establishment and the many pain points that are involved in a retail business. In his pursuit to grow his families business he looked for different and better ways to provide a better experience for his customers. He noticed that his counter top was lacking something. He noticed that his countertop near his POS system looked cluttered all while feeling empty and awkward.

So he went on the pursuit to find a merchandising unit that he had seen at other "chain" coffee houses. But he found he couldn't buy them, and even if he could they didn't really fit his system, as they were designed for large massive computer based systems. So he decided to design his own. And this is where the MerchPirch was born.

Where is the MerchPirch Located?

All of our products are made in the USA. In fact they are built and assembled in our home town of Santa Barbara CA. Feel free to contact us here.

Team Members

Brolin Russell
Brittney Russell
Business Manager